Match Officials (Referees) Needed

FFNC has scheduled a practical course on Sunday 30th June, at Saunders Oval Ballina, 10am to 1pm, where candidates who have  completed each of the online modules (refer below), can register for the practical component and further, register not later than 30th June) to become a match official.

An overview is provided below, on how accreditation is achieved, noting that beyond accreditation, local match officials register with Football Far North Coast (FFNC) and are subsequently appointed by FFNC to local fixtures.


  1. An individual must be at least 13 years of age to become a registered match official;
  2. An individual must have (or initiate) their own PlayFootball account (and FFA number);
  3. An individual must have (or initiate) their own registration with the  Football Australia Learning Centre;


1.      Access Football Australia Learning Centre (this platform is hosted by E-Trainu). There is no cost imposed to get access at this stage.

2.      If you have a PlayFootball account , click the ‘If you are a Learner’ option in the bottom right corner.

If you do not have a PlayFootball account (i.e. FFA number)click the ‘If you need to create a new account option and select the ‘Coaches, Referees & Volunteers’ option.

3.      After accessing the Football Australia Learning Centre, work through the online Laws of the Game modules. There are six modules – Components and EquipmentParticipantsGame EventsOffences and SanctionsTemporary Dismissals (Sin Bin) noting that this is not applicable in FFNC and Additional Information.

4.      Upon successfully completing all six modules, print your Certificate of Completion to confirm that you have achieved at least the minimum result to pass this part of accreditation. 

5.      A payment of $183 (plus a credit card fee) must be made (via use of a credit card) to undertake the theory component of what is called the C3 Junior Football Match Official program. The $183 (all distributed to NNSWF and FA), covers the access to the C3 program and a “starter Pack’ of match official clothing (being a Green Shirt, Black shorts and black socks), equipment (being Set of Flags, Red/Yellow Card set), MO registration, including the applicable component of insurance coverage. The $183 must be paid in the first instance by the person themselves. FFNC will reimburse $183, to a new match official once they complete their accreditation, then register with FFNC and after they have officiated at least six fixtures, appointed by FFNC.

6.      Proceed to complete the theory component of the C3 Junior Football Match Official program comprises four modules – Match ControlPositioningTechnical Concepts and Game Management. When the person successfully completes all four modules, they will receive immediate notification their pass result. This can be printed as a screen shot.

NOW it’s over the FFNC to help you through the PRACTICAL component;

7.      Contact FFNC by e-mail to and provide evidence of your completion of ALL modules that are outlined above;

8.      You will be required to attend a three hour, face to face C3 Junior Football Match Official Practical Workshop.

9.      At the Practical Workshop, the participant receives a whistle, two flags, a notebook, a red card, and a yellow card which they use on the day. The participant also receives a voucher that is used to order a green shirt, black shorts, and black socks from Umbro. This clothing will be sent directly to the participant by Umbro.

You are now close to starting officiate, with a few more steps required;

10.   Register as a FFNC match official; Use the following ink;

11.   FFNC will provide you with login details to the online appointments system (known as Schedula) when you are fully registered as a match official;

12.   FFNC will invite you to provide various personal details such as your banking details. We will send you a jotform link for relevant items in due course;

13.   Communicate clearly whenever you are not sure of what to do and certainly to ensure that FFNC can support you and so that we know what is relevant to you.

14.   FFNC will appoint you to officiate (as a centre referee or assistant referee) when an assessment is made about which matches are appropriate for your experience and availability.

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